Our engineers at Infinitech Tuning can optimize every aspect of the engines ECU. The throttle response, delivery of power, the power and torque itself and also the economy.


Modifications can be made to your vehicle to allows us to tune the transmission to suit the driver better. Your vehicle will gain much more torque and quicker shift changes.

ECONOMY Remapping

With both Petrol and Diesel at an all-time high and only set to rise even further better fuel economy is at the forefront of people’s minds.

Results Guaranteed

We Guarantee you will get more MPG from your engine. Each customer receives a customised remap which provides only the best results.

Proven Technology

ECU Remapping is proven to improved your vehicles economy/performance in both Diesel & Petrol engines and is also proven to reduce emissions by up to 80%.

Save Money

Reduce your fuel economy by an average of 20%. Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fuel every year with our Economy Tuning service.

Top Performance

Increases Torque and BHP by up to 40%. Throttle response will be improved and the rev range will be enhanced. Shift changes are faster and smoother.


Here at Infinitech, we specialise in performing custom re-maps to your vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU). Having access to the latest updates in cutting edge technology we are able to optimise every aspect of your engine, the fuel economy, performance or even a blend of the two. For more information on our tuning options, click here.

Infinitech has been established in Perth since 2012, With a large background consisting of over 20 years in Mechanical, ECU remapping, Fault Diagnosing, Calibration of ECU’s and other associated hardware we have all of your performance and economy needs covered with a variety of software interface systems at hand all under one roof. Every vehicle we do is thoroughly load tested on our brand new Mainline chassis dynometer to maximise the outcome tailored for every individual vehicle and setup, With a heavy understanding and focus on the fact that no two vehicles are the same, every vehicle tuned in our workshop is tailored to suit.

Infinitech Tuning & Dyno Centre
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Jay Willemsen
Jay Willemsen
took my mother petrol subaru forester in for a carbon clean was loosing power down low blowing bits of smoke and very poor throttle response after the carbon clean it felt like a new car can now load it right going up a hill and no loose of power what so ever cars now done 180,000kms and feels as soon as the day my mother bought the car
Clive Allan
Clive Allan
I had a problem that nobody could solve. Roger went out of his way to replace and recode the ECU. Vehicle is running beautifully with heap of power. I highly recommend him for his first class service and knowledge.
Michelle Faskel
Michelle Faskel
Roger was super helpful when we took our 2006 Hilux in for a remap! Highly recommend
David MacLeod
David MacLeod
I brought my 2012 hilux D4D in for a tune up yesterday. I'm stoked with the results! I've gained 47% more torque and after driving today I've noticed an almost 20% increase in fuel economy. It's like a completely different car to drive and I would recommend this tune for any other Toyota owners. Thanks a lot to Roger for the good service at a good price
Tiarn Skinner
Tiarn Skinner
Thanks so much Roger, definitely recommend him, the newly tuned car feels so smooth and fuel economy is so much better! Thank you
40 %

More Power

20 %

Better Economy

$ 1321

Save Money

100 %

Customer Satisfaction

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