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Mechanical Services Include;


  • Hydrogen Carbon CleaningMechanical Services Wangara
  • DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) In Car Cleaning
  • Dyno Tuning
  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Remapping (Customised to Each Vehicle)
  • Intake Manifold Cleaning
  • Call Out Service Available
  • Cars, 4Wheel Drives, Trucks, Tractors and other Machinery
  • Mobile Mechanic Available
  • Mechanical Services
  • Exhausts and Custom Exhausts (Manta, Pacemaker)
  • Log Book Servicing
  • Heavy Duty Clutch Kits Installed
  • Turbo Upgrade Options
  • Intercooler Kits (PWR and Plazma Man) or Custom made
  • Custom Made Stainless Steel Snorkels
  • Custom Intake Pipe [...]
Diesel Injectors


Preventative CleaningDiesel Injectors preventative cleaning

Preventative Cleaning of your engine can enable you to restore engine parts rather than replace them which can be a costly exercise, thereby saving vehicle owners on expensive parts like new turbochargers, catalytic converters DPF’s and EGR units.

These issues usually result from poor combustion which blocks the engine. So before replacing parts try a Hydrogen Carbon Clean a dirty engine first, which may get rid of the build up depending on just how blo [...]

Manifold Cleaning Perth


Cleaning a manifold

Manifold Cleaning Perth

There are two options when it comes to cleaning the manifold on your vehicle first is to do a Hydrogen Carbon Clean which can remove a lot of the carbon build up within you manifold.

The other option and this all depends on just how blocked your manifold really is, is to remove the manifold and chemically clean it.

The carbon build up within your manifold is generally caused by the oil from the valve cover mixing with the carbon from the diesel as it is atomised in the manifold, this in turn creates a gluggy matter that slowly over time blocks the manifold end damages the EGR valve.

As a pr [...]

Why DPF Cleaning is Important


Why does a DPF get dirty?

A DPF otherwise known as a Diesel Particulate Filter is located within the exhaust system usually near the Catalytic Converter.

The DPF is responsible for removing diesel particulate matter (soot) from the exhaust gasses of a diesel engine vehicle.

Short trips with a lot of stop & starts is the biggest cause of DPF’s becoming blocked, along with the poor quality of diesel in Australia it doesn’t take long to block a DPF.

In order to clean the DPF, which is continuously accumulating soot. Carbon deposits need to be burnt off, this is done by raising the temperature of the exhaust gas at the inlet of the filter.

During regeneration the exhaust gas temperature is regulated precisely by the ECU.

To prevent a DPF from getting clogged or dirty which constantly makes the engine run rough, it must be regenerated regularly. This is

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Benefits of restricting maximum engine speed on Toyota VDJ Diesel engines for mining purposes


This can be done by editing the file stored in the engine ecu by reducing the Torque limits at a specified RPM and slightly increasing peak torque at 2000 rpm and with a slight increase in turbo boost this will stop excessive over revving and prolong engine life other benefits include reduced carbon emissions, improve fuel economy by around 20%,reduce wear on driveline components etc and can also restrict the maximum speed of the vehicle.


Benefits of installing an oil separator

The issue is with the oil entering the intake system on modern diesel engines fitted with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) where the exhaust gas valve is commanded by the ECM (engine control module) to open and allow exhaust gasses back into the inlet mixing with the oil that’s been left as a film inside the inlet manifold, thus

Benefits of Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning


Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning is the process of de-carbonizing your engine using water and electricity. With this unique process we can de-carbon your vehicle in as little as 30minutes for petrol and 1 hour for diesel vehicles removing up to 95% of carbon.

Hydrogen which is the chemical mix of water and electricity enters your engine via the intake and spreads throughout the top end of your engine reaching places that most fluids only dream of reaching.


  • Throttle body
  • Intake manifold
  • EGR
  • Turbo
  • Valves
  • Spark plugs
  • Upper cylinders
  • Piston tops

Just to name a few of the things it will clean.

The Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning machine has a remarkable cleaning capacity and with this advanced technology hydrogen is pulsed throughout your engine burning up to 95% of carbon deposits that prevent your engine from running smoothly and efficiently.

The heating effect of hydrogen raises the temperature of

Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning



Modern engines are designed to strict specifications to run efficiently as intended by the manufacturer.Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Perth

Over time, operation leads to a harmful layer of carbon deposits – a by-product of fuel burn. This unavoidable layer of grime lowers the running efficiency of the engine, meaning higher emissions and decreased power output.



  • Decreases fuel consumption
  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Clean environment for all



  OUR METHOD        


A brand new Cruiser in for the Infinitech treatment, with some awesome gains after the team at SWAT Suspension Wheel and Tyre worked their magic on making it look the part 🤙

✅ Infinitech Custom ECU remap
✅ 210hp 730nm at 17:1 AFRs 👌
✅ Our in house Custom twin 4″ exhaust 
✅ NPC Performance Clutches
✅ EGR & DPF solution

Toyota Landcruiser Custom ECU Remap perth Toyota Landcruiser Custom ECU Remap

Do you want to gain more power, torque and better fuel economy from your Toyota? Look no further.

Our Toyota remapping service via the OBD port will dramatically improve your car’s performance and improve your fuel economy we have spent countless hours of R+D on our dyno over the past [...]

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