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Benefits of Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning


Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning is the process of de-carbonizing your engine using water and electricity. With this unique process we can de-carbon your vehicle in as little as 30minutes for petrol and 1 hour for diesel vehicles removing up to 95% of carbon.

Hydrogen which is the chemical mix of water and electricity enters your engine via the intake and spreads throughout the top end of your engine reaching places that most fluids only dream of reaching.


  • Throttle body
  • Intake manifold
  • EGR
  • Turbo
  • Valves
  • Spark plugs
  • Upper cylinders
  • Piston tops

Just to name a few of the things it will clean.

The Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning machine has a remarkable cleaning capacity and with this advanced technology hydrogen is pulsed throughout your engine burning up to 95% of carbon deposits that prevent your engine from running smoothly and efficiently.

The heating effect of hydrogen raises the temperature of

Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning



Modern engines are designed to strict specifications to run efficiently as intended by the manufacturer.Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Perth

Over time, operation leads to a harmful layer of carbon deposits – a by-product of fuel burn. This unavoidable layer of grime lowers the running efficiency of the engine, meaning higher emissions and decreased power output.



  • Decreases fuel consumption
  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Clean environment for all



  OUR METHOD        


A brand new Cruiser in for the Infinitech treatment, with some awesome gains after the team at SWAT Suspension Wheel and Tyre worked their magic on making it look the part 🤙

✅ Infinitech Custom ECU remap
✅ 210hp 730nm at 17:1 AFRs 👌
✅ Our in house Custom twin 4″ exhaust 
✅ NPC Performance Clutches
✅ EGR & DPF solution

Toyota Landcruiser Custom ECU Remap perth Toyota Landcruiser Custom ECU Remap

Do you want to gain more power, torque and better fuel economy from your Toyota? Look no further.

Our Toyota remapping service via the OBD port will dramatically improve your car’s performance and improve your fuel economy we have spent countless hours of R+D on our dyno over the past [...]

A clean Toyota 200 series in for some preventative maintenance and more power!

With 50hp and 159nm gains at 18:1afr it’s a pleasure to drive.

✅Infinitech custom ecu remap
✅Infinitech hydrocarbon clean
✅Egr recalibration 
✅Pacemaker twin 2 1/2″ exhaust
✅Hpd catch can
✅Directions Plus secondary fuel filter kit

Hydrocarbon Clean Perth

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Check out Joshua’s 2012 Y61 Nissan Patrol. The work we carried out has given it an extra 150nm and 46 rwhp!

Here’s what we did;

✅ Infinitech Custom ECU Remap
✅ Infinitech Hydrogen Carbon Clean
✅ 3″ MANTA Exhaust
✅ HPD oil separator
✅ Fuel manager secondary fuel filter kit
✅ 18.1 AFR,S

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Hydrogen Carbon Clean Perth


By using Infinitech Engine Carbon Cleaning you can ensure your vehicle’s engine is clean and free from carbon deposits. This will not only keep your vehicle running at optimum performance, it will prolong the life of your engine – keeping it running reliably for years to come. Don’t be slowed down by a sluggish engine. Let Infinitech show you a better way.

GET YOUR [...]

We had this 2007 Range Rover Sport Tdv8 diesel come in today.

It was seriously lacking power and blowing huge amounts of black smoke. After the team did some investigating, we found that one of the EGR valves was stuck open.

This caused hot exhaust gas back into the intake, melting a huge hole in the plastic manifold.

For diagnostics and other mechanical issues, feel free to contact us and we can see what we can do for you.

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This work horse v8 crusier was in for some mods to help tow the trailer!

With some awesome results… 229wrhp and 813nm!

Infinitech Custom ECU Remap ✔️
EGR Recalibration ✔️
PDI Front mount intercooler ✔️
MANTA Performance Turbo back Exhaust ✔️
Infinitech Engine Carbon Clean ✔️

EGR Recalibration perth EGR Recalibration

Infinitech has been established in Perth since 2012, with a large background consisting of over 20 years in mechanical, ecu remapping, fault finding and calibration of ECU’s and associated hardware we have all of your performance and economy needs covered with a variety of software interface systems at hand all under one roof.

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Here’s Nicks mint Cruiser in for a custom ECU remap to help get the 35s rolling!

Nick came to us wanting low down torque and better response than standard, without the soot!

We decided to go with the new GTurbo G300 and it definitely delivered the goods!

Peak torque now being 814nm @ 1800 rpm with not a lot mods. This is an awesome car to drive!

Mods include;

✅ Custom Infinitech ECU Remap
✅ GTurbo G300
✅ 3″ Exhaust
✅ NPC Clutch

custom ecu remap

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Increase Torque

Reverse Gear Torque Improvement

Here we have a 2015 Amarok 2.0 TDI on the dyno making an extra 20hp and 80nm of torque.

We also lifted the torque limiter for reverse gear to allow an extra 50nm so no more getting bogged In the sand when reversing!

Benefits of increased torque

1. More power

More torque means more force for the engines and this will translate to increased engine power. With more power provided by more torque, vehicles will also have greater towing capacity and will be able to handle a full load of passengers without having to utilize the engine so much.

2. Better acceleration

Increased torque in engines also results to better acceleration from a full stop.

3. More efficient engine

The increase in engine torque will also help the engine achieve more efficiency. Lower gears will be utilized when towing big loads for example and this is attributed to higher power output. This means that [...]

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