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Transmission Remapping

Faster gear changes, more Torque
Increased Shift Response The shift response has been increased by up to 20% giving a smoother transition, leading to a decrease in unnecessary clutch slippage under full load accelerations, which reduces clutch wear. With increased shift time you also get an improved paddle-reaction-time by up to 40% in S-mode. Torque Limit Increase This is normally changed as part of engine tuning, but if your gear box is not tuned too, you are missing out! Through tuning the DSG Gearbox's ability to transmit torque from 350 Nm up to 550 Nm while still ensuring the stability and capability of all the mechanical moving hardware within the DSG gearbox. Torque limit both with our engine ecu tuning and now DSG is custom tuneable to your specification. Increased Red Line Again, just like torque limiter tuning, its no good changing your engine rpm, if your gear box too is limited, now with our DSG tuning, all components can work in perfect harmony. Increasing the shift points gives you the command of your engine's power in the upper RPM range; we have raised the DSG transmission's rev limit to work with your engines new power and tuning. Launch Control With DSG tuning, launch control can be activated on most vehicles. A perfect l [...]

ECU Remapping

Better economy, more torque and power.
ECU remapping enables engineers (not mechanics) to tune all aspects of your vehicles performance and engine management without getting their hands dirty. You can expect to get an instant increase in overall performance by up to 40% (depending on the make and model of your vehicle). Infinitech Tuning strive to achieve best gains in torque, performance and fuel economy. We provide a Custom ECU Remapping Service to upgrade your vehicles ECU to the most efficient version it can be. Whatever make or model you have, we use of specialist firm of software engineers and ECU remapping experts to extract the most from your engine. If you want to raise the Rev limiter on your vehicle, or remove or implement a speed limiter then we can do that for you also. WHAT TO EXPECT! Up To 40% More BHP & TorqueUp To 20% Improved Fuel EconomyCustom Written Software To Your VehicleZero Impact On Your Manufactures Warranty TESTIMONIALS Just spent the morning at INFINITECH with roger an absolute top bloke! After having the nav Remapped last year I was never really happy with the low to mid range power and was running super rich( which I could smell every time starting car) so after a few hours of tweaking, my boost is up a touch, my AFRs were bel [...]


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There are no traffic jams along the extra mile
WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? Our ECU remaps will optimise the performance of your car, helping to maximize your driving pleasure. Engine tuning, for petrol or diesel engines, will change your driving experience. There are so many limits on driving these days. Even your car's intended performance is restricted because car manufacturers have to allow for drivers who do not adhere to service schedules and who use sub-standard fuels. The good news is that ECU remap software can free you from these limits. WE CAN DO Cars (inc: vans, utes, motor homes)Motorcycles (On & Off Road)Trucks (All sizes)Marine (Boats & Jetski's)Agricultural MachineryPlant Equipment Our Services Our engineers at Infinitech Tuning can optimize every aspect of the engines ECU. The throttle response, delivery of power, the power and torque itself and also the economy. Read more...Modifications can be made to your vehicle to allows us to tune the transmission to suit the driver better. Your vehicle will gain more torque and quicker shift changes. Read more...With both Petrol and Diesel at an all-time high a [...]

Our engineers at Infinitech Tuning can optimize every aspect of the engines ECU. The throttle response, delivery of power, the power and torque itself and also the economy.


Modifications can be made to your vehicle to allows us to tune the transmission to suit the driver better. Your vehicle will gain much more torque and quicker shift changes.

ECONOMY Remapping

With both Petrol and Diesel at an all-time high and only set to rise even further better fuel economy is at the forefront of people’s minds.

We Guarantee you will get more MPG from your engine. Each customer receives a customised remap which provides only the best results.ECU Remapping is proven to improved your vehicles economy/performance in both Diesel & Petrol engines and is also proven to reduce emissions by up to 80%.Reduce your fuel economy by an average of 20%. Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fuel every year with our Economy Tuning service.Increases Torque and BHP by up to 40%. Throttle response will be impro [...]


Frequently Asked Questions
remapping-1-2Enhancing the performance of a vehicle was coined with the the term "Chip Tuning". It was done in the 80's and 90's and involved reading modifying and programming a chip inside the engines ECU (Electronic control unit) called an Eprom (erasable programmable read only memory). The Eprom was removed from the ECU. The eprom code was read, modified and then programmed into a new eprom. You replaced the eprom in the ECU and the cars performance was enhanced Manufacturers of add on boxes and diesel performance boxes still use the phrase  "Chip Tuning"  but more about this later - A Remap is not to be confused with this inferior way of adding power to an engine. At the time, engine control units and the procedure of chip tuning was state of the art cutting edge technology. It is now old and the technology is prehistoric. Engine technology and its electronic control has jumped light years ahead. The ECU now contains softw [...]

About Us

Guaranteed results everytime
WELCOME TO INFINITECH TUNING At Infinitech Tuning is one of Perths leading Tuning Companies Infinitech has been established in Perth since 2012, With a large background consisting of over 20 years in mechanical, ecu remapping, fault finding and calibration of ECU’s and associated hardware we have all of your performance and economy needs covered with a variety of software interface systems at hand all under one roof. Every vehicle we do is thoroughly load tested on our brand new Mainline chassis Dynometer to maximise the outcome tailored for every individual vehicle and setup, With a heavy understanding and focus on the fact that no two vehicles are the same every vehicle tuned in house is tailored to suit.     PERFORMANCE Fuel EconomyTorquePower (HP) WHY CHOOSE US? Guaranteed ResultsAdvanced Tools and SoftwareHighly qualified and professional servicesWe won't void your vehicles warranty.100% customer satisfaction. TESTIMONIALS Roger is fantastic highly recommend him to everyone my cars performance is incredible now!!Great service and great tuneHad my 07 patrol tuned through these guys. Absolutely stoked with the results. More torque, more power and better fuel economy. Ran into some problems al [...]
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