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Benefits of Carbon Cleaning

Modern engines are designed to strict specifications in order to run efficiently as intended by the manufacturer. Over time, operation leads to a harmful layer of carbon deposits – a by-product of fuel burn. This unavoidable layer of grime lowers the running efficieny of the engine, meaning higher emissions and decreased power output.

200 Series manifold top after cleaning.

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Perth's Carbon Cleaning Experts

You won’t believe the difference in performance Infinitech can make. The way carbon deposits affect your vehicle is similar to the way cholesterol affects your body. By removing the deposits you improve the natural flow of this system and the overall health of the engine itself. Conversely, leaving these deposits to worsen over time can cause a series of problems, not least of which being critical failure.

Even the most reliable vehicles are at the mercy of carbon deposits. A clogged engine means immobility, costly repairs and loss of work, all of which can add up. Even if your engine is old and is currently suffering from carbon deposits, Infinitech  will treat the problem effectively, giving your engine a new lease on life. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing your vehicle will start every time and run like a dream.

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HHO (Hydrogen Oxygen Carbon Clean)

Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning is the process of decarbonizing your engine using water and electricity. With this unique process we can decarbon your vehicle in as little as 30 minutes for petrol and 1 hour for diesel vehicles removing up to 95 percent of carbon.

Hydrogen which is the chemical mix of water and electricity enters your engine via the intake and spreads throughout the top end of your engine reaching places that most fluids only dream of reaching.

The HHO Carbon Cleaning machine has a remarkable cleaning capacity and with this advanced technology hydrogen is pulsed throughout your engine burning up to 90 percent of carbon deposits that prevent your engine from running smoothly and efficiently. The heating effect of hydrogen raises the temperature of the combustion process, which enables pyrolysis which is a chemical reaction that removes, burns off and disintegrates carbon deposits.

Nissan Navara receiving Triple Treat.

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Two Stage Chemical Intake Clean & Fuel Injection System Clean

Our Triple Treat service is a two stage chemical intake clean and fuel injection system.   We use JLM products combined with our top of the range HHO machine in all our carbon cleaning services.

The Triple Treat consists of a fluid and flush system using JLM products blended with a HHO gas clean to break down  carbon  deposits  and reaches deep into the intake system to all the hard to reach places.

Simultaeneously, we run a dedicated fuel injection system clean to remove coking and wax build up from your fuel lines, pump and the injectors themselves. By removing contaminants from the injection system you can restore the injector nozzles original spray pattern, which can return power lost over the years due to build up as welll as improve your fuel economy.

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Manual Manifold Clean

We also offer  a Manual Manifold  service which  involves the removal of the intake manifold, and related components, to be cleaned by hand before being soaked in the ultrasonic bath for several hours.

This is a time and labour intensive cleaning method which is recommended for vehicles with large, dense carbon deposits in the intake system  which  need removal by hand, as the chemical clean alone can soften these large deposits but will not dispose of them completely.

The carbon build up within your manifold is generally caused by the oil from the valve cover mixing with the carbon from the diesel as it is atomised in the manifold, this in turn creates a gluggy matter that slowly over time blocks the manifold and damages the EGR valve.

We often recommend our  Complete Clean service (which includes the Manual Manifold Clean followed up by the Triple Treat chemical clean) to vehicles that require a Manual clean, as the chemicals  can reach further into the system to remove the deposits  and residue that we can’t get to by hand.

As a preventative we recommend regularly having a Hydrogen Carbon Clean done approximately every 15,000 km or once a year

Clean Hilux manifold after soaking.