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ECU Remapping Made Easy in Perth

Every component of your car has an important part to play in the way it runs, so it’s important to be familiar with as many as you can be. You probably know most of the major players under your hood, at least by name: your transmission, battery, etc. However, those of you wishing to optimise fuel efficiency and increase the performance of your cars will want to have detailed knowledge of one specific part: your ECU. A working and properly optimised ECU can save you a lot of fuel (and a lot of money), so it’s always worth learning about this part and finding a service who can provide quality ECU remapping in Perth.

ECU stands for engine control unit, and refers to what is effectively a computer that controls the way your engine runs. Essentially, the ECU interprets data from sensors within your engine bay, then adjusts the actuators [...]

After much research we at Infintiech have found the perfect solution to remove carbon in clogged up intake systems, Welcome to Infinitech Carbon Clean, a new service to provide a more healthy and clean engine. For more infomation, Check out our new website which houses every bit of information:

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