Mobile Carbon Cleaning – Perth

Get a Carbon Clean for Your Petrol or Diesel Engine When You Bring Your Car to Perth’s Infinitech Tuning & Dyno Centre

Is your petrol or diesel vehicle costing you too much money at the pump, or leaving something to be desired in the performance department? If so, it’s time for a trip to Infinitech Tuning. We help drivers maximise the performance and fuel economy of their vehicles, most often through ECU remapping. By altering the programming of the engine control unit, we can influence the fuel injection process for the vehicle. We even use our in-house dynamometer to test the vehicle at road speeds and determine the optimal mapping for your vehicle’s ECU.

Get a Free Perth Carbon Clean with Your ECU Remapping

Another service we provide at Infinitech is carbon cleaning in Perth. While you can buy carbon clean formula in Perth, having a professional team conduct your vehicle’s carbon cleaning is often the smartest bet. At Infinitech, we are happy to offer this important service—usually a $180 value—for free as part of our ECU remapping service. If you bring your vehicle in for a tuning, we will throw the carbon cleaning in for free!

If you are a first-time diesel driver, then you might not be familiar with carbon cleaning. Over time, it’s common for a diesel engine to become caked with black carbon dust. This carbon build-up gradually starts to cover your engine’s injectors, pistons, valves, and combustion chamber. Carbon build-up, of course, can occur in any vehicle, but it is far more common in diesel engines than standard petrol engines. If you tend to let your car idle a lot, the build-up of carbon dust will occur even faster.

Over time, this carbon build-up can start to cause issues for the performance of your vehicle—hence the importance of finding a professional Perth carbon cleaner like Infinitech. If you’ve ever seen a diesel vehicle exuding plumes of dark black smoke, then you’ve likely seen one of the symptoms of carbon build-up. Diesel engines with lots of baked on carbon have higher emissions levels than engines cleaned on a regular basis. Carbon build-up can also impact your vehicle’s fuel economy and power—among other performance factors.

At Infinitech, we are happy to perform a thorough Perth carbon cleaning of your engine when you bring your diesel vehicle in for an ECU remapping. We can also provide this carbon cleaning service as a standalone if needed.

Learn More about Carbon Cleaning: Call Infinitech Tuning Today

Are you interested in learning more about carbon cleaners in Perth, or scheduling an appointment to have your engine cleaned and tuned? Carbon build-up can have huge negative effects on your vehicle’s performance and lifespan—not to mention the environment. Committing to regular carbon cleanings for your engine will not only allow you to enjoy a better driving experience but will also help keep your vehicle eco-friendly. To schedule a carbon cleaning in Perth (with or with an ECU tuning), give us a call at Infinitech Tuning today. You can reach us on 0415 166 276.