Diesel Chip Tuning – Perth

A Brief Guide to Diesel Chip Tuning in Perth

It always pays to reduce waste in your routine, but when you’re driving efficiency becomes even more valuable. You pay for every drop of fuel your engine uses, so it’s vital that your vehicle uses it well. While many petrol-powered vehicles and the companies that service them are starting to consider fuel efficiency a higher priority than it used to be, the same isn’t always true for diesel vehicles. In fact, there’s something of a misconception about diesel vehicles—many people assume that because diesel is more energy efficient than petrol, they should spend less time worrying about fuel efficiency in their diesel vehicles. However, paying attention to the performance and fuel efficiency of your diesel vehicle can save you even more money, making these important considerations for smart drivers.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the performance of your diesel vehicle is chip tuning. Just like petrol-powered vehicles, modern diesel cars and trucks have a chip that tells the vehicle’s computer how to inject air and fuel into the engine as you drive. The way these substances mix affects the RPM of your engine, which needs to be optimised for desirable fuel efficiency. Diesel vehicle chip tuning can cause the chip in your vehicle to send more accurate information to your ECU, resulting in the most efficient fuel injection and helping your engine burn cleaner. You’ll reduce your environmental footprint, and save plenty of money on fuel over time.

Finding a Perth service for diesel chip tuning means being aware of your options and making an informed decision. Perth isn’t exactly short on auto mechanics, but you don’t just want a mechanic when you’re looking for a way to improve your diesel chip. A Perth company with experience in tuning is a much better choice since their employees will already have experience in increasing fuel efficiency and other performance indicators on the vehicles they service.

Your Source for Diesel Chip Tuning in Perth

One such company is Infinitech, a business whose mission is to increase the performance of vehicles throughout the Perth area. We offer several services aimed at giving you the best possible fuel efficiency with your conveyance, including chip tuning for both diesel- and petrol-powered vehicles. Each tune remap we perform is tailored exactly for your vehicle. As a result, you can expect to experience greater torque, better power delivery and a superior throttle response.

Our ECU Remapping VS Our Perth Diesel Performance Chips

If you’ve been thinking about taking your car in for a diesel performance chip tuning in Perth, consider an ECU remapping service from Infinitech. Similar to chip tuning, ECU remapping uses computer programming (instead of mechanical upgrades) to improve your vehicle’s torque, fuel economy and overall performance. Despite the similarities, ECU remapping is a wholly superior technology, to the point where it has overtaken or replaced diesel performance chips in the Perth market (and throughout the automotive world).

ECU remapping allows engineers to program cars according to specific manufacturer functions and designs, rather than using the one size fits all approach that has always been standard for performance chip tuning. Because ECU remapping is more custom and precise than performance chip tuning, it delivers better results from top to bottom.

Precisely how much of a performance upgrade can Infinitech deliver just be remapping your ECU? The answer to that question will vary depending on several factors—chiefly the make and model of your vehicle. What we always say, though, is that 1) remapping can increase your car’s overall performance by up to 40%, and 2) you will start noticing those improvements immediately, from the first time you drive your car after an Infinitech service.

The Infinitech Advantage

Using less fuel is healthy for the planet, and healthy for your wallet. It makes good economic and environmental sense to invest in chip tuning for your diesel vehicle, so you might as well bring it to a company with more than 20 years of experience. Contact Infinitech today and learn more about how we can improve your vehicle’s performance. We’ll readily answer your questions, tell you more about our methods, and help you set up an appointment so that you can experience the benefits of our work fast.