Economy Remapping

Make your car more fuel efficient and help the environment.

With both Petrol and Diesel prices at an all-time high and only set to rise even further, better fuel economy is at the forefront of people’s minds. Our ECU software is designed to improve your fuel costs by up to 20% and reduce your CO2 emissions.*

Each Infinitech Eco Logic Tune remap is unique to your vehicle. The maps are read through the OBD port or in some cases from the ECU itself and modified using specialist equipment. By optimising power and torque to the low and mid-range rpm you will gain improved throttle response, more torque and a smoother crisper power delivery which results in less gear changes this in turn means your vehicle requires less fuel to travel the same distance.

The amount of fuel your vehicle uses will directly impact on the amount of CO2 emissions you produce. Basically if your vehicle is using less fuel then there will be less CO2 emissions produced from the exhaust.

*Results vary depending on vehicle make and model.

  • Top professional bloke Roger is, he knows his stuff hands down very down to earth and doesn’t beat around the bush and tells it how it should be told and I couldn’t be any happier with how he’s got my Cruiser running more power drives a lot smoother EGT temps are lower super happy will be sending all my mates to himTommy Payne
  • I went to Roger with a tired 2006 Toyota Hilux and left his shop with what felt like a brand new car. With over 300k kms on the clock I was surprised at the results that Roger was able to achieve. He is a legend, and highly recommend him to anyone with a car chasing safe power. Thanks again Roger!Malcolm McLennan
  • Saw Infinitech Tuning & Dyno pop up on my Facebook and took my Patrol in for a tune, the outcome was really impressed as I got 20hp extra and double torque than what I use to have before and it only running on 16psi everything stock, definitely coming back for more hp and torque and many thanks Roger.

    Panha Matha

  • I’ve had both our cars remapped by Roger at Infinitech. I was skeptical before having the first car done because it seemed like a lot of money to risk if I wouldn’t see any benefit afterwards.Anyway, when the DPF on the car (BMW 120d) blocked I was facing a bill of over $3,000 for BMW to look at it with no guarantee of success, which made Infinitech look like a much better value for money solution. I took the car in to Infinitech and picked it up a couple of days later. The difference was literally unbelievable. The car now drives like a new one with loads more power, and the fuel economy is much better. It was using 6.9 litres/100km before, and it’s using 5.7 litres/100km since having the remap done. With this in mind, I booked our other car in for a remap, a Mitsubishi Challenger diesel automatic, and again I can’t believe the difference. It was only done very recently so I can’t comment on the fuel economy yet, but the drive is brilliant. Anyone who has driven this model of car knows how bad the turbo lag is, but the remap has pretty much eliminated it completely. Acceleration is now effortless and the gear changes are much smoother, particularly on hills and start/stop traffic. All in all, I would definitely recommend taking your car to Infinitech. Roger is a top bloke and very knowledgeable, the service is proven and the price is excellent.Gary Watkin