S5G-Pro Mobile Carbon Cleaning Machine


The S5G-Pro is an incredibly high quality carbon machine aimed at the mobile cleaner, ideal for high demand use as well as workshops. It is a powerful hydrogen machine and takes power directly from a 110v/220v supply as well as directly off the battery of a vehicle with an inverter. This high flow machine will happily clean engines of all variants and has many safety features built in. For a great priced HHO machine that is guaranteed to work time after time look no further than the S5G-Pro.



The S5G-Pro features some great upgrades having been born from 3 years of development. We have upgraded the electroplates, power board and seals to build a machine capable of flowing well over 250 litres of hydrogen and with a tank built to run pressures of over 500psi with 20amp output. It will clean faultlessly for years and comes with a full 2 year RTB warranty.

The S5G-Pro is perfectly at home cleaning commercial engines of 12,000cc (12l) as it is cleaning smaller capacity engines from power tools, quads, motorbikes, outboard motors, marine engines and generators. The S5G-Pro will run for upto 8 hours thanks to its new power supply and seals within the electroplate cell. This means that you can clean upto 16 average sized engines in a single 8 hour shift and on a single tank of mix !

The whole idea of the S5G-Pro is to offer a reliable workhorse that will clean time after time without taking up vast amounts of space. It is as suitable in the trunk of a car as it is in a workshop and benefits from a CAD casing allowing the hydrogen tank to remain cool which in turn allows you to run the machine for hours without shutting down. We have focused on reliability rather than “Gimmicks” and due to this have managed to keep pricing low. The S5G is the best value machine on the market at only $3295.00 inc GST.

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