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Benefits of restricting maximum engine speed on Toyota VDJ Diesel engines for mining purposes

This can be done by editing the file stored in the engine ecu by reducing the Torque limits at a specified RPM and slightly increasing peak torque at 2000 rpm and with a slight increase in turbo boost this will stop excessive over revving and prolong engine life other benefits include reduced carbon emissions, improve fuel economy by around 20%,reduce wear on driveline components etc and can also restrict the maximum speed of the vehicle.

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Why Install an Oil Separator

The issue is with the oil entering the intake system on modern diesel engines fitted with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) where the exhaust gas valve is commanded by the ECM (engine control module) to open and allow exhaust gasses back into the inlet mixing with the oil that’s been left as a film inside the inlet manifold, thus this process just keeps on repeating itself, causing the issue of the manifold being blocked or clogged reducing the air flow to the engine’s cylinders, resulting in lack of performance, black smoke, engine wear and even engine failure.

oil catch can / oil separators come in universal and complete kits with all required stainless-steel laser cut bracketry, correct size hose tail fitting, washable internal stainless mesh filters, cut to size oil resistant hosing, bolts, nuts, washer, spring clamps and installation instructions for each vehicle.

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key Benefits of an Oil Seperator

  • Reduces oil in intake system
  • Allows intercooler to work efficiently
  • Eliminates carbon & oil build up in inlet manifold
  • Keeps inlet ports and valves clean
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Reduces exhaust smoke
  • Maintains economy
  • Keeps air and map sensors clean
  • Maintains engine performance