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DPF Cleaning in Piara Waters

DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning perth

We went out to a 2013 Holden Captiva 2.2 Diesel in Piara Waters that needed it’s DPF cleaning.

The customer messaged us as they were having DPF trouble. The dealer wanted $$$$$$ for new one and said this was the only way forward.

After carrying out our DPF assessment we found a serious issue regarding the running of the engine caused by a split intake pipe (very common fault on the diesel Captiva & Cruze).

Once this was fixed by us with an upgraded much stronger pipe we were able to clean out the DPF on the vehicle using the JLM lubricants DPF 2 stage cleaning solution for a lot less than the dealer wanted!

The Captiva is now running like a dream and we also gave the rear tailgate clean!

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