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Increase Torque

Here we have a 2015 Amarok 2.0 TDI on the dyno making an extra 20hp and 80nm of torque.

We also lifted the torque limiter for reverse gear to allow an extra 50nm so no more getting bogged In the sand when reversing!

Benefits of increased torque

1. More power

More torque means more force for the engines and this will translate to increased engine power. With more power provided by more torque, vehicles will also have greater towing capacity and will be able to handle a full load of passengers without having to utilize the engine so much.

2. Better acceleration

Increased torque in engines also results to better acceleration from a full stop.

3. More efficient engine

The increase in engine torque will also help the engine achieve more efficiency. Lower gears will be utilized when towing big loads for example and this is attributed to higher power output. This means that the engine will work less harder with more load. High torque also translates to a smoother drive because the engine power is not affected despite changes in the transmission. Smoother transmission will also result to more fuel efficiency.

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