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September Special! All Toyota & Lexus ECU remaps $1050!

September special! All Toyota & Lexus ECU remaps $1050! with a extra Infinitech Carbon Cleaning, that you can have done in the next 15000ks for free!

Our remapping service via the OBD port will dramatically improve your car’s performance and improve your fuel economy we have spent countless hours of R+D on our dyno over the past 2 years since they became available so you know your in safe hands!

Here’s as 2009 VDJ200 v8 petrol in for one of our custom remaps!

Lexus ECU remaps Perth

Infinitech has been established in Perth since 2012, With a large background consisting of over 20 years in mechanical, ecu remapping, fault finding and calibration of ECU’s and associated hardware we have all of your performance and economy needs covered with a variety of software interface systems at hand all under one roof. Every vehicle we do is thoroughly load tested on our brand new Mainline chassis Dynometer to maximise the outcome tailored for every individual vehicle and setup, With a heavy understanding and focus on the fact that no two vehicles are the same every vehicle tuned in house is tailored to suit.

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