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Mobile DPF Clean Perth

This customers Ford Mondeo had a badly blocked DPF. The customer was advised that the DPF would not regenerate and so needed a replacement at a cost of over $4000.

The diesel particle filter is a device in the exhaust system that was designed to reduce or remove soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. As with any filter, they eventually fill and block up.

The filter must be efficient to allow exhaust gases to flow freely and not impact your engine’s performance. The cure is your car’s regeneration program, and DPF cleaning is an essential part of it.

After assessing the vehicle we carried out our three stage on car cleaning and successfully restored the DPF back to normal working operation which was confirmed after extended road testing saving the customer the cost of a new DPF.

Mobile DPF Clean Perth

We offer a cost effective mobile DPF cleaning & diagnostic evaluation service.

Solve complicated issues with your car’s diesel particulate filter by booking in for a DPF filter clean and full diagnostic check today.

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