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Mobile DPF Cleaning Service Perth

Mobile DPF Cleaning Service Perth


If you have noticed some of these issues from your diesel vehicle then it may well require a DPF Clean.

 A loss of powerMobile DPF Cleaning Service Perth
 Engine warning light on your dashboard
 A pungent smell of diesel
 Excessive amount of smoke
 An increase in fuel consumption


We offer a mobile DPF cleaning service in Perth with no need to remove the filter from the vehicle.

The diesel particle filter is a device in the exhaust system that was designed to reduce or remove soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. As with any filter, they eventually fill and block up.

The filter must be efficient to allow exhaust gases to flow freely and not impact your engine’s performance. The cure is your car’s regeneration program, and DPF cleaning is an essential part of it.

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