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DPF Filter Cleaning Experts

Here at Infinitech we will diagnose your DPF problem and only clean the filter when necessary after we have done a full diagnostic evaluation to find the root cause of the problem.

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Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning & Solutions

Solve your diesel particulate filter problems with a DPF solution service from Infinitech Tuning. The diesel particle filter is a device in the exhaust system that was designed to reduce or remove soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. As with any filter, they eventually fill and block up.

The filter must be efficient to allow exhaust gases to flow freely and not impact your engine’s performance. The cure is your car’s regeneration program, and DPF cleaning is an essential part of it.

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The DPF Regeneration Process

The diesel particulate filter regeneration process can be active or passive.

Active: The filter is monitored by the engine ECU and when it is 45-50 percent full, small changes to the injection duration and timing are made. This raises the exhaust temperature which, in turn, burns off the soot particles.

Passive: When the vehicle is used on the freeway or is driven at high revs, the exhaust reaches high temperatures and soot particles are burnt off. This provides DPF filter cleaning as a side-effect of driving.

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What to Do When DPF Regeneration Problems Arise

If, by no fault of your own, the filter does not regenerate efficiently, then the soot is free to build up more and more. This could be caused by stop-start driving or short journeys. When the filter becomes 75 percent blocked and your engine management warning light or DTC light comes on and no amount of driving at speed will clear the filter out, you will need to see Infinitech.

This technology seems to be problematic as many drivers are experiencing DPF faults even though they mostly use their vehicles for freeway driving. This can be due to a very high 5th or 6th gear which doesn’t lift the revs hard enough.

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Fixing Diesel Particulate Problems

Infinitech can reprogram your ECU to safely disable your DPF system (for off road vehicles or vehicles with exemptions only). All DPF fault code data will be erased and you can remove the filter from the exhaust system with a straight through pipe. The DPF system is turned off using the latest tuning software and can easily be re enabled if necessary in the future.

We also offer a mobile DPF cleaning service with no need to remove the filter from the vehicle using proven JLM  Diesel DPF Cleaning products.

Combined with our state-of-the-art diagnostic system, covering 99 percent of all diesel vehicles fitted with diesel particulate filters, we can quickly diagnose and fix any related problems getting you back on the road sooner without your vehicle getting stuck at a garage for days.

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