ECU Remapping

Better economy, more torque and power.

ECU remapping enables engineers (not mechanics) to tune all aspects of your vehicles performance and engine management without getting their hands dirty. You can expect to get an instant increase in overall performance by up to 40% (depending on the make and model of your vehicle). Infinitech Tuning strive to achieve best gains in torque, performance and fuel economy.

We provide a Custom ECU Remapping Service to upgrade your vehicles ECU to the most efficient version it can be. Whatever make or model you have, we use a specialist firm of software engineers and ECU remapping experts to extract the most from your engine. If you want to raise the rev limiter on your vehicle, or remove or implement a speed limiter then we can do that for you also.


  • Just spent the morning at INFINITECH with Roger an absolute top bloke! After having the Nav remapped last year I was never really happy with the low to mid range power and was running super rich (which I could smell every time starting car) so after a few hours of tweaking, my boost is up a touch, my AFRs were below optimum with previous tune and are now right in the sweet spot almost no smoke out the back, and gained some good low down torque where it was needed! Drives like an absolute freight train now, boost is steady all the way thru and so much smoother to drive! Awesome work mate! CheersBrenton Wilks
  • 100% recommend Roger! Had my Hilux tuned by him, absolutely awesome results. Roger’s happy to answer any questions you have. Would not hesitate to go back!Daniel Palazzolo


  • Up To 40% More BHP & Torque
  • Up To 20% Improved Fuel Economy
  • Custom Written Software To Your Vehicle
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